Each piece is hand-sculpted by British Sculptor Neil Harris. 
and signed with etching in the base

Golden Retriver Hand-Sculpted in Crystal by Neil Harris of the UK - Animation
Over 85 Dog Breeds
Every purchase is gift-boxed with no extra charge!


The rough crystal bases shown in many of the breed photos are no longer being made.
The sculptor is now using lovely beveled glass rectangless as a perfect enhancement for each breed.
Each piece is still signed by the artist.

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Every dog figurine is personally hand-sculpted by artist Neil Harris of Great Britain, using the flame sculpture method and mounted on a specially created base of faceted crystal.

Neil uses 30% lead content crystal to maximize the clarity and brilliance of each dog sculpture base-the higher the lead content, the greater the refraction and sparkle.

Each piece is signed and dated by Neil. Only TWO pieces can be produced in any workday. Your hand-sculpted piece is an instant limited collectible.

Neil specializes in dog breed statues and in wildlife; he currently has produced designs for over 85 dog figurines and a wide range of wildlife, including dolphins, rabbits, mice, grizzlies, and pumas. If you'd like to see a photo that isn't yet online, just send us an email.

Afghan Hound German Shepherd Rhodesian Ridgeback
Airedale Terrier Golden Retriever Rottweiler
Akita Gordon Setter  
  Great Dane - Cropped Ears Saluki
Basenji Great Dane - Natural Ears Scottish Terrier
Basset Hound Greyhound Sealyham Terrier
Beagle   Shetland Sheepdog
Bedlington Terrier Irish Setter Shiba Inu
Black Russian Terrier Irish Wolfhound Skye Terrier
Bloodhound Italian Greyhound Smooth Fox Terrier
Border Terrier Italian Spinone Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier
Boston Terrier   Springer Spaniel
Boxer-Uncropped Ears Kerry Blue Terrier Standard Schnauzer
Bull Terrier Labrador Retriever Sussex Spaniel
   Lakeland Terrier  
Cairn Terrier   Tibetan Terrier
Cardigan Welsh Corgi Miniature Pinscher  
Miniature Schnauzer - Cropped Ears Vizsla
Miniature Schnauzer - Natural Ears  
Cavalier King Charles - Begging   Welsh Corgi-Cardigan
Cavalier King Charles - Play Stance   Welsh Corgi-Pembroke
Cavalier King Charles - Lying Down Norfolk Terrier Welsh Terrier
Chihuahua-Long Coat Norwegian Elkhound West Highland White Terrier (Westie) Standing
Chihuahua-Smooth Norwich Terrier West Highland White Terrier (Westie) Begging
Corgi-Cardigan   Whippet
Corgi - Pembroke Pembroke Welsh Corgi   
  Pharaoh Hound  
Dachshund-Longhair Pointer Standing  
Dachshund-Smooth Pointer Pointing  
Dachshund-Wire Poodle  
Dandie Dinmont Terrier Portuguese Water Dog (Lion Cut)  
Dalmatian Portuguese Water Dog (Retriever Cut)  
Doberman - Cropped Ears    
Doberman - Natural Ears    
English Cocker Spaniel    
English Setter    
English Springer Spaniel    
Fox Terrier - Smooth    
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